About Us

izi data was founded up on May,2018. The R&D center based at Beijing , along with the first front office in Jakarta.

Our Mission

Empower your financial business based on leading big data technology.

Our Plan

We are not limit any timeline to contribute the technology to financial industry in SEA market.

Our Vision

izi data is aiming to offer the best technology service in SEA market


We offer multiple API services which including two main types which are Proofreading and Data Services and technical Services. by following the clients’ need and requirement, we also provide the customized service.

ID Verification

Financial services check demand has a recall rate up to 93%, based on serval million KTP database

Mobile Number Analysis

Supports user’s online time period query, monthly consumption amount inquiry

Blacklist Screening

Continuously being updated about database to help clients to identify the risk

OCR Text Recognition

Supports real-time identification of ID card photos, giving output result of the NIK and name with accuracy rate reaches 90%+

1:1 Face Comparison

Compare whether the face in both photos is the same person and give result of the similarity

Hand-held ID Photo Face Comparison

Hand-held ID photo comparison is able to compare the similarity of two faces in the photo

Contact Us


Address : The Boulevard Office, 2nd Floor UNIT A-1, Jl. Fachrudin Raya No. 5, Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat 10250 Telp. (021) 31991466